The Rahvalor Process

At Rahvalor we constantly test and evaluate our methods so that we can best fulfill the needs of our customers. So far, experience has been our best teacher. Our process is based on the cyclical nature of marketing, taking inklings of ideas to full-fledged initiatives then back again as your business and the world around it changes. These are the four steps that make it happen.


This is arguably the most important stage of a project because proper planning will yield the most effective results for your unique business needs. Whether we're building a brand, website or social media presence, we don't like surprises, and you won't either - especially the kind that put you over budget, over schedule or end with a result you didn't quite envision. Planning allows us to document every need, desire, expectation and limitation of your project, then lay out the steps to achieve them.

Planning everything from a website or brand relaunch to an email campaign is a lot like building a house. Much like detailed measurements and architectural drawings are critical before building can begin, it's important to have a strong foundation for your project to ensure that it is successful. That may mean website sitemaps and wireframes, logo sketches and typographical treatments, or a documented approach to social media that includes a company policy and publication schedule. Our job is to plan the details so your project or program runs smoothly.


Your logo, your website, a blog post… whatever we create for you will fit into the master plan. We’ve got artists, programmers, writers and thinkers who work together to create something valuable for your business. Whatever we do follows the guidelines and specifications we developed during the planning stage so that you know exactly what to expect.

As we create, we share the process with you so that you can see your project evolve. We may show you a draft of your logo, a few versions of your business cards or a prototype of your website. We always leave room for your input so that your vision will guide us in a direction that results in something you can proudly associate with your brand and business.


By the time we hit this stage you may think your project is done. Your letterhead may be printed, your website launched and your Facebook page ready for raving fans to join. Far from being the end, this is where the true marketing begins, because without engagement you’ve simply got a bunch of cool stuff and a few pretty pictures floating randomly around. Now it’s time to put all the pieces to work.

Our marketing programs are designed to support your ongoing efforts to reach, respond to and interact with customers. We invite customer feedback and questions, solicit opinions and ideas, respond to inquiries and concerns, and put a personal face on your brand. We also monitor and maintain behind-the-scenes technical details, from keeping your website current and secure, to exploring analytics and evaluating other measurable results that will guide the ongoing process.


You’re engaged, you’re measuring, you’re in a groove… great! Is it time to sit back and relax yet? We hate to ruin a perfectly good beer night, but there’s never a relax-mode when it comes to marketing. Things change constantly – from the web to the technology to the needs and desires of the people you serve. As things change, it’s vital to the continued success of your business that it changes, too.

Lots of people thought businesses were crazy for jumping on the social media bandwagon so early. Not long ago, blogging was derided as a trendy waste of time. Now it’s hard to find a business owner who doesn’t use one or more of those things, or at least get nervous when asked why not! We make sure we’re on top of the trends, paying attention to shifts in sentiment, technology and opportunities so that you can rely on us for recommendations and support.

We’re here to help your business grow. If you have any questions about the way we work or would like to discuss your goals, Contact Us for a free consultation.

Our Process

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Production Stages

Rahvalor Process Production Stages

The four inner rings show each stage of the process along the way to a successful project, from planning, through production, launch and maintenance. Stages are cyclical. As your business evolves, the process cycles from maintenance back to planning for enhancements, redesign, or a total rebranding.

Project Waveform

Rahvalor Process Project Waveform

The wavy lines that pass through the center of the circles represent the project waveform. Every project has its own requirements, tasks, milestones, budgets and deadlines that interact to give a project its unique waveform. The wave demonstrates varying levels of complexity during each stage of the project.