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The Barbara E. Giordano Foundation

The Giordano Foundation has a special place in our hearts because Virginia Giordano, the Foundation's founder, and her sister Barbara, its inspiration, are old family friends. When we were asked to participate in the project we were thrilled and a little bit nervous, because adding a personal dimension to a project always gives it a different spin. We wanted to please Virginia and honor her sister's memory, and there was also a nine person Board of Directors to contend with, each of whom had ideas about what the site should be, how it should look and the message it should convey.

We had plenty of conversations about colors and style, mission and goals, ideals and ambitions. The speaker phone was invented for this project, as we had many a productive evening as the Board huddled around theirs, sharing ideas and inspirations with us. With an arsenal of information, we dove into the site design. The first drafts were a bit too corporate. The next a bit too static. A couple of rounds later, we hit on a tone that everyone agreed was just right for the vision and values of the Foundation. Finding just the right photography to convey the message of women united in a common cause and spiritual growth was our next challenge. We debated nuances of color and meaning until we found the perfect ones, and even managed to get the entire Board to agree. A bit of copyediting and we were pleased with the result.

Once the site launched, we began working on a social media presence for the Foundation, with the intent of bringing like-minded people together and finding new channels of support to help the Foundation expand. We designed a Facebook fan page and created a Twitter page, and are currently engaged in seeking fans and followers and engaging them in conversation about shared ideals. It's an ongoing challenge and we're looking forward to helping the Foundation meet its goal to grow and to continue to offer help and support to women in need.

Virginia Giordano

A word from our customer...

The team at Rahvalor recently finished a website for the Barbara E. Giordano Women's Health and Education Foundation. Team Rahvalor was creative, professional, knowledgeable and truly took the time to understand the mission and the needs of the Foundation.  They offered suggestions and direction that resulted in a website that is unique to us and yet also user friendly--no easy task!

The response to it has been incredible, and is proving to be a major tool for helping us to expand the scope of the Foundation's work.

Virginia Giordano
The Giordano Foundation
Chairperson, Board of Directors