Our Work

Paradigm Services, Inc.

Paradigm Services came to us in an unusual way. Unlike most companies who ask for meetings and phone calls followed by meetings and phone calls before deciding if they even want to hear our proposal, Paradigm showed up on our doorstep and essentially said, "Show me the money." What could we do, how would we do it, and what would it cost? And while we were at it, send along a couple of portfolio pieces. So we did. A couple of weeks, two emails and no phone calls later, we got the job. Sometimes it happens that way!

Working with Steve Nicholl and Shane Vazquez, the principals of Paradigm, has been a pleasure, as they've been open to new ideas and suggestions from the start. Our first task was to create a logo and brand based on the concept of a forward-thinking company that is committed to its customers and its community. Whatever conversations we didn't have before getting the job we made up for as we started work on the branding. We talked color and style, goals and five-year-plans. We talked service offerings and customer service values. Then we created color bars and type treatments and tied them together to build a logo and brand with a modern spin. Steve and Shane were thrilled.

The Paradigm project is a work in progress. We've gone through branding and collateral development and are on to the website. As we work together on sitemaps and wireframes, we're all feeling excited to get started on the design and looking forward to an imminent launch. We'll be sure to share the rest of the story as it progresses.