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When you hear the word "design" you may think of words like "clean", "subdued" or "corporate". Whatever your aesthetic preference, our creative services provide quality imagery that will help you deliver your message and achieve your business goals, whatever the delivery medium.

But before the conversation about "corporate" or "clean" happens, it's important to think about how you want your business to be perceived and what your corporate culture reflects. Good design starts with good planning. Whether we build your brand from the ground up, incorporate your existing brand into a site design or create direct mail piece, we start with your company and build around it to create visuals with impact. We look at your business from the inside out, learn about your values, your goals and your customers, and create a brand image and supporting materials that reflect it.

Design Supports The Message

Good design adds value to any site, print piece and marketing campaign. Pictures live in our memories and create impressions that are vital to a company's brand image. Would a web site be as friendly if it were blocks of uninterrupted text? Would prospects pay attention to your email advertisement if it did not capture their eye? Would customers read your postcard mailer if it blended into the rest of the junk-mail noise? It's unlikely.

The problem arises when design overwhelms the message. You've probably been to a website that looks great but does little to explain its purpose. Or seen an ad that is so visually stimulating that your eye is drawn from one image to the next until you're too distracted to read the offer. Design is meant to enhance, not to obscure.

When we design, everything from your home page to your corporate letterhead, we do so with the primary focus on getting your message across. We design imagery around your goals - not the other way around.

A Font Plus Bevel Is Not A Design

With a plethora of easy-to-use creative tools on the market, it's tempting to fancy oneself a designer. After all, you can pick a font, add a nice color, and emboss, bevel and lens-flare your way to something on-screen. But branding and corporate identity are much more than that, and yours deserves the time and attention it takes to build something unique, memorable and meaningful. You should never have to compromise marketing objectives to fit around a color, style or logo that someone threw together with a little clip art and a nice font. Our job is to steer you clear of the sameness and boringness and build a brand that stands out and has meaning for your business, and then help you deliver that brand message to customers in a creative way that gets your business noticed.

Thinking Outside The Brochure Box

Most businesses have at least one tri-fold brochure in their marketing arsenal. But that doesn't mean you need one, and it doesn't mean you have to stop there. If you want your business to stand out, sometimes you need to think beyond the standard marketing conventions. We can help you plan and create a marketing strategy that includes a nearly endless array of branded materials, from postcards to paper cups, from mailers to mugs, from business cards to bookmarks. If you've got the intention, we've got the imagination. And even if you just want a tri-fold brochure, we can create one that's interesting.

The Bottom Line: Because Now We've Got Your Gears Spinning

We said, "Paper cups," and you thought, "Wow, what a great idea for my coffee business!" followed by, "But that sounds expensive." Well, we're not going to lie… sometimes truly unique, creative ideas come with a price tag, not only in the cost of the design, but in the cost of the printing and delivery. Any marketing project is an investment in your business and its success, but we can help you explore options that fit your budget. We'll help you think big, and execute wisely to maximize the impact of each marketing piece.

Contact Us and let us help you find a creative solution that works for your unique branding needs.

Get Smart!

Creative design and branding is more than picking your favorite color, choosing Comic Sans as the font and adding a border. There are dos and don’ts, best practices and big no-nos, complementary color palettes and hot messes.When it comes to the creative stuff, we leave it to those of us who’ve got an eye for style and detail, form and function. We have lots to say on the topic on our blog, so check out a couple of posts and let us know what you think. If you want to know more, Contact Us to find out how we can help with your branding and creative marketing needs.

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