What It's About

Where It Begins

We like words. You may notice that from the plethora of paragraphs on our site. But as much as we like words, we believe those words should convey a message in a clear, direct way.

Rahvalor is a creative services company with a specialty in web marketing. We could tell you that we are architectural synergists creating custom technology solutions to leverage your media messages. But wouldn't it suffice to say that we are a creative services company? That we will market your business online and in the real world where people often speak in monosyllables?

Before committing a single word to paper it is important to know your audience. When your readers feel that you are speaking to them, they will feel that you understand them and will be more inclined to do business with you now and in the future.

The Many Faces of Copywriting

Every time you commit a word to the page, copywriting is involved. From the obvious – writing a press release or magazine article; to the less obvious – composing a tweet or Facebook update; the words you use reflect your business values and goals. Copywriting in today's marketing world is much more than what most people have come to understand as copywriting. Composing a fifteen-hundred-word feature article for a blog requires good copywriting skills but so does conveying a meaningful message in 140 characters or fewer. We help you find creative, memorable ways to speak to your customers wherever they are and however they're reading about you.

Writing For Print And Writing For The Web

There's a difference between how people read on the web versus how they read a printed page. Web users have shorter attention spans and tend to scan rather than read unless something is personally interesting. If you're selling something, visitors want to buy it as easily as possible. If you're sharing an idea, they want to understand it in the first paragraph.

People are used to reading print in larger blocks of text. Books, magazines, newspapers, all have fairly dense text. The web on the other hand needs an entirely different treatment.
Websites need...

When we write for you we take into account not only your audience, but how your audience will be reading about you.

When Spell Check Is Not Enough

You've seen it before: you get a postcard advertisement in the mail and the tagline says, "Your going to love it!" If you're paying attention, you might snicker at the mistake. (You caught it, right?) Maybe you'll feel sorry for the poor sap who spent money on full color glossy postcards with a blatant typo. Perhaps you'll decide that a company that can't send out a proper advertisement isn't worth your business.

Your word processing program might pick up the most obvious instances of bad spelling and grammar but there's no substitute for real proofreading. You're spending time and money to advertise. You don't want your efforts to go out the window because your "adds" make people want to laugh instead of call you.

The Bottom Line: If We Charged Per Word, We'd Be Rich

Yes, we do like words – the flowery, the unique, the compelling. But more importantly, we like to use those words to help your business, whether it's something as ordinary as a "Help" screen on a content management system or a ten-part series on the wonders of your new product line. Whatever the project, we can draft, write and publish content that meets your business needs, speaks to your customers and fits your marketing strategy.

The cost will depend on the scope of your project and the number of times you ask us to move that one little word to the next sentence... no, move it back... no, delete it... As with all of our services, this one is custom-tailored to meet your requirements.

Contact Us to find out more about our copywriting services and let us help you convey your business message.

Get Smart!

Is proper use of English a lost art, or is language simply evolving as we are met with new forms of communication like mobile devices and Twitter updates? We’re not here to take sides, we’re just here to get your message heard, whatever the delivery medium or character limit! But… ahem… we still believe in good grammar, spelling, punctuation (mostly) and of course a good message.There are still conventions to follow if you want to sound like the charming, intelligent, entrepreneurial person you are. Check out some of our blogs on the topic and Contact Us if your participles are dangling and you need some help.

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Quick Tip

If you have a company blog, try to publish at least one article each month. This not only keeps people coming back for more, but it's a great hook for search engines. But don't feel compelled to write every day. That's a huge strain on your time and can drive you to create half-hearted content. One great article per month is better than five so-so ones.