Application Development

What It's About

Where It Begins

Like any successful project, application development starts with a plan. If ever there was a need for a comprehensive specifications and business requirements document, this is it. Never (we mean never) invest in an application until you know exactly what it will do, how it will work and even what will happen when it fails.

Custom applications are software and in order to develop successful software you will need to define a vision and take into account your business objectives. As always, business goals will drive the development approach. When we work with you on a custom application, we delve into your business processes, needs, weaknesses and desires to craft software that will help you manage, improve and promote your business.

Why Custom?

With so much software readily available that can do everything from managing your leads to building 3-dimensional Gantt charts, why invest in something custom? Instead of reinventing the wheel, you could tap into a plethora of technology already on the market. But sometimes, what's "out there" isn't good enough. When we've exhausted the options for building a website or program on an existing platform, we turn to the art of customization.

A custom application affords you the opportunity to build and expand just about to the limits of your imagination. Do you want a system that you can deploy with your sales reps in the field that they can use on mobile devices to document real-time transactions and details? Or maybe you want an event sign-up and registration system that doubles as a contact manager with resource tracking, automated email responses and an online billing and payment system. Or perhaps even an extensive and industry-specific inventory management and tracking system that integrates with an existing in-house database. Whatever you need to run your business, we can design and build an application to help you do it.

What's The Learning Curve?

Here is where our custom applications really shine. When it comes to a learning curve - there really is none. Our systems are designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. They are form-based, which means that if you can use a website "contact" form or shopping checkout form, then you can use our systems.

And the good news keeps getting better, because if at any time you find yourself saying, "Boy, I wish the system could do this..." chances are that it can. Every application we build is scalable so that new features can be added efficiently as your business needs evolve.

The Reality Of "Ownership"

A custom application may put stars in your eyes when you reap the benefits of its power and functionality, but it does come with an investment beyond development, and that's in the upkeep and management of the software. When you license software, your license often entitles you to updates, upgrades and maintenance, so that when things break or change, your software is covered. On the flip side, when you invest in custom software, the upkeep is your responsibility – as is the expansion, upgrading and debugging.

It's vital to recognize the importance of a good maintenance program. For as long as you own and use an application we've developed, we can maintain it, keep it bug-free, secure and current so that it continues to run smoothly.

The Bottom Line: Now That You're Thinking It's Too Good To Be Affordable

The key here is to think "long term." A good application can be the foundation of your business processes and daily efficiencies for years to come. It can save you time by automating manual tasks, save you money by streamlining processes, and help you take your business into new territory by creating functionalities that will make your competitors jealous.

Since all of our projects are custom, the cost of your application will depend on its scope and range of features. We will discuss business needs and requirements to help you define a workable budget range for your application.

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