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What It's About

Where It Begins

All successful websites begin with a specifications and requirements document. Building a website is a lot like building a house. Before you build your house you need to know how many rooms you want, where the kitchen sink will go and whether you want laminate or hardwood floors. All of these details will affect how much your house costs and how happy you'll be living in it.

The same is true for your website. Before building begins, you should know exactly what pages it will include, how customers will get around and what features will be used to promote your goals. By planning your website we ensure that you know how much it costs and how happy you'll be when all of your expectations are met.

With a website blueprint in place, we work to integrate the pieces of your project and incorporate every detail of the project specifications to create a fully functional site focused on meeting your business requirements.

"But I Just Want A Simple, Basic Site."

In our experience, this usually translates as "cheap", but the fact is that a thoughtfully designed and constructed site requires time, research and planning. That doesn't mean a site has to be expensive, but we guarantee that unless you're the recipient of a wonderful act of charity, the "cheap" site will fall short of meeting your business goals or bringing you closer to online success.

Whether you've got a few pages of information or an extensive ecommerce site, it's important to have a plan and a vision, followed by good construction that takes into account optimization, maintenance and marketing potential. When we build your site, we focus on business goals and make sure the site works to meet them.

Simplifying The Jargon

Building a website and figuring out how to make it work can seem overwhelming, especially for busy small business owners. The good news is that we're on your side - we make the process easy by defining in plain English what your site will do and how we'll help you accomplish your goals.

It's as simple as this: you tell us how you do business, and we'll make it happen on the web. We will recommend ways to display products for effective marketing, how to educate people about your services using language they can relate to and understand, what steps can help convert visitors to customers and what options are available for follow-up and customer retention.

Web Forms And Data Collection

As part of your web project, we can include programming for any web based form that your business may need. These forms can be secured or unsecured, single or multi-stepped, static or dynamic. Information that your site visitors provide can be collected and stored in your database for easy search and retrieval or emailed to you for quick follow-up. Types of forms can include:

When you collect information from visitors through your site, you also have the opportunity to use that information to your marketing advantage. Why not send out thank you emails, timed follow-ups to remind customers to stock up on favorite products, or announcements letting them know when you've updated your service lines? With a little planning you can set these up to be sent out automatically on a schedule of your choice and let your website do the work for you while you reap the benefits of excellent customer service.

The Bottom Line: You Want It All, Every Bell And Whistle, And A Couple Of Trumpets, Too – How Much Is It?

Every improvement you make to your website and its daily functioning is an investment in the success of your business. It is important to plan and spend wisely based on your goals.

Since all of our projects are based on your individual needs, the cost of developing your website will depend on the complexity, scope and range of features included. The cost can vary tremendously, but we make it easy for you to manage your budget by providing you with guidelines and recommendations.

Contact Us to find out how we can build a website that will add value to your business and help you reach - and keep - your customers.

A Happy Customer Says

Lisa CaltabianoWhen I made the decision to take my small business to the next level I was a little nervous. Planning a website is not my area of expertise. I knew that the quality of my website could make or break my company. A poorly designed website would turn off potential customers by giving the impression that we are unprofessional or amateur. But a well-designed, useful website will instill confidence in potential clients by demonstrating how knowledgeable and prepared we are to meet their needs.

Rahvalor was a pleasure to work with. They were organized, meticulous, and presented a variety of visual aids to help me through the process. Though they were not intimately familiar with the real estate management industry, Rahvalor presented creative layout and content ideas to make Efficient Management's website both relevant and attractive. Throughout the process, their thorough preparation and step-by-step planning made me feel comfortable and relaxed.

Now that my site is completed, I am impressed with the professional and sleek design. I am quite proud of the work we did on it together.

Lisa Caltabiano
Efficient Management

Quick Tip

Concerned about your site's search engine listing? Take a good look at your site design. That terrific Flash animation may be keeping crawlers away, and frames and popup windows can make indexing a chore. Pay special attention to navigation. Are pages hard for crawlers – and visitors – to find? Good design practices welcome both search engines and people.