What is a Rahvalor

If we had a nickel for every time we were asked that question...

Pronounced {ra * vuh * lore}, we admit the name has raised a few eyebrows, caused numerous spelling mishaps and occasionally made us wish we had called ourselves "Fred". But our company by any other name would certainly not be as sweet. "Rahvalor" is important to us and has a unique history.

The story begins with Ralph Rivera, our company president and founder, who was - and still is - a technology aficionado, otherwise known as a geek. Since his early days as a tot he had a penchant for gadgets, gizmos, comic books, Indy films and geek games. Back in those days, when a can opener was considered high tech and online gaming relied on a DOS prompt, our founder spent many an afternoon playing Dungeons and Dragons with the rest of his geek friends.

During one Dungeons and Dragons campaign, his sister developed a character for him named "Rahvalor". Legend has it that she decided he needed a valorous character, a "Rah! Rah! Go get 'em!" type of character. Hence... "Rah" and "Valor." As geeks are inclined to do, they got very excited by their cleverness and cast a magic spell to immortalize the name. Thirty-odd years later the name is still alive and well, representing a not-so-geeky marketing and consulting company.

We admit that the geekiness paid off. Rahvalor has been gaining and maintaining customers for over ten years. Tech savvy, creative, dedicated to customer service and committed to superior products and services, Rahvalor is proud of its humble – and unique – origins.

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Totally Trivia

I find your lack of "click" disturbing.

The story of Rahvalor begins with founder Ralph Rivera and his sister Cara. As nerds... er, kids, they enjoyed creative role-playing games almost as much as they enjoyed needling and pestering each other. Their legacy lives on in the name of Rahvalor. And yes, they do still enjoy role-playing games.